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What is it?

Bitcoin (BTC) it’s a global cryptocurrency and the first decentralize payment network, controlled by its users with no middlemen or central authority. It only works when all parties involved agreed to use it and they’re also free to choose their own version and software as long as they’re compatible.

How does Bitcoin work?

Similar to sending an e-mail, even easier. Simply by making a few clicks in your Bitcoin wallet from your mobile device app or computer program you can either send or receive bitcoins at any time and anywhere.

Where do I get Bitcoins?

1. Visit Bitcoin’s official website and download the App for your mobile device or PC, from which you’ll be able to manage your account.
2. Choose a wallet to store and secure your bitcoins.
3. Link it to your bank account (you may have to complete a few verification steps).
4. Buy, receive or exchange them.
Find places where you can use your bitcoins such as HORIZONSPORTS.EU.

Why use Bitcoin?

1. Same day payments with no fees
2. Great promotions on your first Bitcoin deposits
3. You can cash your Bitcoins at your nearest bank (Depends on where you live)
4. It’s more private, safe and fast

First time making a deposit on HORIZONSPORTS.EU using Bitcoin?

First bitcoin withdraw from HORIZONSPORTS.EU ?

Time/payout schedule/currency use/FEES/Bonus/Rollovers/Minimum-Maximun

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